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persisting especially in spite of obstacles, challenges; persevering; lasting for an indefinitely long time



At this time, we are a lot tied up with our client projects and hence this one page intro.

About Us

We are a niche team of experts having rich experience in Fortune 100 organizations on key customer facing and internal process improvement initiatives. Our experience spans banking, insurance, telecommunication, technology, manufacturing, and fitness industry verticals. We have mentored startups as well to get them to a healthy cash flow level.

Does any of these sound familiar in your current organization?

  • All change efforts take longer than estimated and more money than proposals
  • There is always a gap in your investments between planned value and delivered value
  • IT always delivers short of its promises
  • Every year, the teams get less money to spend than what was requested at annual planning
  • “Shadow IT" applications are discovered every so often.  Support is invariably an issue.
  • Scope adjustments in projects invariably increase time to achieve target state.
  • There is a need to pursue "next shiny object" to motivate my top performers and protect legacy to meet business objectives. Trade-off is challenging by the minute.
  • Toolset to enable solution delivery is complex. Duplication effort appear inevitable.
  • Most decisions are being revisited every month.
  • Our digital strategy effort is daunting with more than 100 impacted applications and years of customer and transactional data.
  • Cloud adoption path is presenting the organization with “invoice” shocks each month.

If yes, read ahead. 

The Proverbial Why?

We have repeatedly witnessed organizations, big and small hitting a plateau every time they

  • Are compelled to change strategy
  • Attempt something new
  • Play catch up with evolving customer preferences
  • Explore parallel viable options
  • Balance between customer advocacy and profitability
  • Straddle outside-in and inside-out views well, this list goes on.

Invariably, people in the first line of execution, get caught in the minutia and "do it now" mode, leaving out the big picture.  A classic case of the ‘blinding glimpse of the bleeding obvious’!

We have experience simplifying, expand the vision for stakeholders to see all moving parts, prioritize where and when to zoom-in leading to successful outcomes.  Over the past 15 years we have worked in various industry verticals with one purpose in mind – help our clients achieve their targets with least deviations and maximum impact as possible. We use enterprise architecture, service design and open standards as the tools of our trade to develop a roadmap, manage portfolio investment and achieve requisite transformation. Our value lies in building and improving our client's teams capacity and capability to eliminate most the challenges listed above.

The secret is our solutions emerge from starting with a beginner's mind, synthesize lessons from diverse industries and most importantly taking a pragmatic approach with a clear line of sight to business goals; return on investment and/or increased cash flow and/or improved customer experience.

We get prescriptive as needed. We employ a lean approach keeping the risk low and and help you from concept to execution in a matter of days.

If we can't practice and execute, we don't preach. What we deliver is self-sustaining for your organization to build upon – even without us.

What kind of problems can we help you with?

We demystify the important but easily misconstrued concepts such as,

  • Strategy development
  • Product and service roadmaps
  • Business / enterprise architecture
  • User research (qualitative, quantitative, experiential)

We have delivered:

  • CX strategy
  • Customer insights based on analytics
  • Service design
  • Visualization of customer insights (personas, scenarios, journey maps, service blueprint etc)
  • Built competency and practitioners in the fields of
  • Customer experience & journey map development
  • Loyalty -Both emotional and behavioral
  • strategic and IT driven enterprise architecture
  • Clarify strategies and convert them to decision-ready / actionable solution alternatives.
  • Identify and create new revenue streams.

What is our method and how do we deliver value?

We work in sprints of 8 weeks. In the first 8 weeks, we understand your organization’s context and build a strategic architecture. A set of deliverables that informs your path to achieve target state. It is close to a step by step guide. In the next 8 weeks we align this roadmap to your annual planning cycle. The deliverables list the set of initiatives, set of requirements, a governance model and spread of spend. With each of the subsequent 8 week cycles, we provide deliverables that specify and direct rationalization, modernization or decommissioning of solutions; improve rate of delivery; select and deliver differentiating solutions, and so on. In this journey, we build the capability and capacity of your in-house architecture, customer experience, planning, project management and quality assurance teams.  We work with a team of experts, who we bring to our engagements based on initial assessment.  Our experts hand-hold you and your team through the change.

You are free to terminate our engagement at the end of any sprint. You will still get great earned value out of the investment made in engaging with us. It is for your own benefit, we recommend our engagement be longer for governance and solution delivery management.

What are we doing now?

Practicing what we preach.

As a small team with niche skill set, we are prioritizing our clients, executing on our strengths and evolving our portfolio.

Once we get a breather, we will expand more with our learnings and case studies.

What have we done until now?

  • Developed strategic architecture and roadmap for a quasi-government agency.
  • Delivered strategy development to eCommerce solution selection for large manufacturing company in the US.
  • Delivered a new approach to solution architecture for a niche SaaS provider.
  • Delivered  multi-channel strategy and execution roadmap for a ethnic-ware reseller.
  • Completed qualitative, quantitative and experiential market research for a few stealth startups.

Still here? Awesome!

If you can use help to move forward, reach us via our business desk. Our consultation comes with no obligation.